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Chirs Roach On the Mike Calta Show

Fast rising Comedian/Actor Chris Roach plays Mott on 'Kevin Can Wait' w/ co-star Kevin James. Born and raised in New York, He provides a uniquely self-deprecating humor to Comedy Central, and as the gentle...

Listener Prank Call

A listener (Adam) called in because he wanted to prank his girlfriend on Valentines day, but it kind of backfired on him!

Kirstin Cutts Nerdy Hot Jeopardy Girl

Kirstin joins us live via skype from her apartment to discuss her appearances on the game show and the sensational internet reaction to her girl-next-door hotness that has nerds across the globe professing...

Drew Misses Mike Calta

Drew was invited to Mike Calta's exclusive dinner party this Saturday, but didn't even get to sit next to him! Find out what other Bone Employees outranked him in the seating order!

Judge Lynn Toler and Steve Wilkos on DGL

Judge Lynn Toler and Steve Wilkos stopped by the show!

MCS Valentine's Day Couples Karaoke

It's a Valentie's day Love Song Karaoke Showdown on the Mike Calta Show: Mike & Amanda, Galvin & Jenny, Spanish & Kelly and Blarmin. Featuring judges; Steve Miller, Julie Weintraub and Program Destroyer...

RWB Cocaine Mark Normand

RWB is known as an explosive live act to follow. Terry is often compared to the most entertaining front-men in the industry yet Spanish relieves him of this burden with his new 'Cocaine' song before Comedian...

Interview with Chef Todd Hall

A gripping interview with a man who has been through some serious ups and downs in his life!



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