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    $3 Million Smart Suit Gives Physical Enhancement

    A Soft Exosuit wearable robot is being developed by Harvard University researchers that will give the person wearing it enhanced physical abilities, like more strength and endurance.



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    Cox Media Group Tampa Redesigns Daily Lineup on 102.5 The Bone

    For information regarding the changes on 102.5 The Bone. Please read the official press release here.

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    'NBA 2K15' drafts 3D face mapping for latest game

    'NBA 2K15' drafts 3-D face mapping for latest game

    "NBA 2K15" is angling for a slam dunk with an innovative new way to put players in the game. The developers of the interactive basketball franchise are adding the option for gamers to digitally graft lifelike 3-D renditions of their faces onto virtual players in the series' latest installment, set for Oct.


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