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John Oliver and the LOD are breathing some new life into the nearly forgotten Blockbuster video.


Trolls who are not funny or clever yet still believe their opinions matter are a lot like Unfunny Dan who calls in for Galvin to explain the process of buying cymbals On Line and breakdown why Dan is unfunny...


After Xander was forced to eat yogurt with a plastic fork Drew gets busted procuring spoons from the breakroom to stock his kitchen. OK or NOT Ok.


Tiffiany Jenkins is the host of the viral Blog Juggling The Jenkins where she shares her incredible story of overcoming addiction and how she got her life on track.


John Madden on mushrooms calls from the future looking for Tracy Morgan Freeman!


is also known for sketch performances on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment & the documentary Heckler, about the plight of stand-up comics versus their often-aggressive audiences. See him at Side Splitters Tampa!


Our favorite senior caller dubbed G-Butt Emily returns to the airwaves for a fantastically tantalizing update and a new lease on life.


These are the same colossally stupid missing links screaming at the TV in a sports bar. Calm it down dude. No one likes your alpha-male, locker-room, high-fiving boner salutes.