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From The Illusionists TV Series, one of the most in-demand comedy magicians working today offers a refreshing and clever mix of comedy and magic and will probably steal your lighter!


Were there some re-writes or did we miss the memo on Bizarro World? What wizardly powers must the tree troll possess to bring about such a mismatched magic show?


Breaks into Galvin's news to discuss very recently deceased friend Anthony Bordain, working with Deniro and his new Netflix special: Mouthful of Shame.


NEXT: an acrobatic, dino-killing schoolgirl rides a talking Velociraptor while jumping over the 150 million year old shark!


The comedian known for impersonating John Madden, George W. Bush and Robin Williams on MAD TV and his own show: Frank TV, reminds Mike that he does voices. See him at Clearwater's Capitol Theater!


So Racist Roseanne loses gig but Trump gets a golden toilet? Fine but you have to be Mike's New Best Friend.


Winner of NBC's "Last Comic Standing" season 5, MOPAR enthusiast & Hemi driver talks with Mike about Instagram, tinder dating and the circumstances surrounding Clown Bangin' in Ron White's hotel room on...