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Geraldo Rivera

Mike Calta Interviews Geraldo Rivera


Comedian and Author Jimmy O. Yang joins the show

Mike Calta Interviews Author Jimmy O. Yang


Comedian Mo'Nique joins the show to discuss her feud with Netflix

Mike Calta interviews Comedian Mo'Nique about her feud with Netflix


Comedian Lynne Kopiltz Live in Studio

Mike Calta interviews comedian Lynne Kopiltz Live in Studio on:


Rob O'Neill, who fired the shot that kill Osama Bin Laden

Mike Calta interviews Rob O'Neill, the man who fired the shot that kill Osama Bin Laden. Interviewed on:

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Clips of the day

Sex and Weed are two of my favorite things

The Mike Calta Featured Cut of the Day


Who is Jason Galasso?

The Mike Calta Featured Cut of the Day


Death Pool, Open Letter, and Humans Eating Humans

The Mike Calta Featured Cut of the Day


No Cruise For You

The Mike Calta Featured Cut of the Day


You Don't Want to Fight With Tampa Bay

The Mike Calta Featured Cut of the Day

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Will sexy porn actress & star of "Who's Nailin' Palin" meet Spanish at Whore Island to smoke out with Cheech Marin?


Trolls who are not funny or clever yet still believe their opinions matter are a lot like Unfunny Dan who calls in for Galvin to explain the process of buying cymbals On Line and breakdown why Dan is unfunny...


John Madden on mushrooms calls from the future looking for Tracy Morgan Freeman!


is also known for sketch performances on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment & the documentary Heckler, about the plight of stand-up comics versus their often-aggressive audiences. See him at Side Splitters Tampa!


These are the same colossally stupid missing links screaming at the TV in a sports bar. Calm it down dude. No one likes your alpha-male, locker-room, high-fiving boner salutes.


This NYC Comic is a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and recently premiered his first one hour standup special, 'Father Figure,' on Comedy Central with a live album of...


Theo Von will come to your house party but don't invite his friend Ladedric... THAT guy is shady AF.