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#TheMikeCaltaShow Comedian YAKOV SMIRNOFF

Russian Defector tears down wall, Makes Letterman Top Ten List, Becomes Doctor: What A Country!

#TheMikeCaltaShow Comedian DOM IRRERA

This veteran TV & Movie Comedian has worked with Rodney Dangerfield, The Tonight Show, LA Improv, the Oprah Show twice & Hey Arnold and once told the Golden Girls how nice their melons are.

#TheMikeCaltaShow #OpenLetter To Things That Are Constantly Changing

Gas Guzzling Electric Cars, Fast Food Fads, Secret Sauces, Mini-portable devices to Giant deceptive Cell Phones: It's just not fair that technology makes even Ugly Karen Look Hot.

#TheMikeCaltaShow Galvin Kicking Birdbox Challenge

Galvin puts armchair kickers sitting on a throne of potato chips and vape pens to shame and Mike takes the Bird Box Challenge.

#TheMikeCaltaShow OLG to People that are Surprised

The Avocado Rocker Memorial is about to begin but first Galvin offers insight concerning the feigned shock and amazement over ordinary talent presented with contrived back stories.

#TheMikeCaltaShow OPEN LETTER To Movie Bad Guys

How are many villains so super rich they can hire disposable henchmen & design wildly elaborate death mechanisms that rarely work?

#TheMikeCaltaShow #OpenLetter TO COUNTRY FOLK

Galvin eviscerates Cowboy Posers & White Trash Trailer Queens & Did YOU make the MCS Christmas Party invite list?


Comedian, actor & voice actor whose film / TV roles include SNL, Lago in Disney's Aladdin, Digit in Cyberchase, Kraang Subprime in TMNT & no longer Aflac Duck since 2011.


Galvin puts Portly Postal Pajama Wearers and Sweet Old Bags of White Lady Bones on blast.


This Comedy Legend's friendship with Letterman & Richard Pryor go back to their early beginnings at The Comedy Store.

#TheMikeCaltaShow #OpenLetter To MAGICIANS

Abracadabra: Carmin Might Be Wrong about the Three Kings but Galvin is dead on about Rapey Magic Tricksters & Sleight of Naughty Hand Weird-Os.

#TheMikeCaltaShow #OpenLetter TO Le'Veon Bell

Would you rather walk away from 14.5 Million Dollars or run the ball towards it?

Real Raw Open 2018

The Bones annual Golf Tournament returns at Plantation Palms in Land O' Lakes

#TheMikeCaltaShow STEVE-O & MIKE Get Matching Tattoos

Post-Mortem Ash-a-Chini Plans and Pride Grand Wizard Miguel Fuller steps in for the Unexpected Grinder Tattoo Party! (Chirp Chirp)

#TheMikeCaltaShow Steve-O

Meet SteveO's Service Creature Wendy, Chuck Liddel Peruvian choke out & Mike Kills the Jackass Franchise once again!


Double Trouble in Cougar Town: Double Daters Double Down on the Milk Monsters over Double Daring Male Devils.

#TheMikeCaltaShow OLG to ONE UPPERS

Steve-O calls in before Galvin's Open Letter to those annoying people who have to 'win' Story-Time. Give it a rest, Losers.


No one really likes being scared, especially by jerk faced pranksters!

#TheMikeCaltaShow Comedian FELIPE ESPARZA

The Last Comic Standing Winner and "Whats Up Fool?" Pod-caster is also a World Renowned Mushroom Art Critic! Check out his newest stand-up special: “Translate This” on HBO.

#TheMikeCaltaShow Comedian SAM MORRIL

A drunken lunatic might leap from a moving cab but is there anyone wasted in the studio willing to try it?
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