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90's Boy Bands Rewind

Is this what 90's Rewind has been building towards this whole time??? *Spoiler alert* No.

Let's Talk About Sex

We know where our sweet spot lies, so we made an entire segment based around it. 40% of people think you should shower before doing anything sexual, do we think that is a reasonable number? Find out!

90's Rewind with Calta

When you have both Calta AND Spanish on the show you definitely have to play 90's Rewind! Find out who DOMINATES the game!

Kevin Visits a Ping Pong Show

Mike Calta filled in for John Senning, and we managed to discuss ping pong shows and strip clubs, in typical Crowded Takeover fashion.


We talked to Carter who is going viral after Wendy's told him if he gets 18 million retweets he can have free nuggets for a year. #NuggsForCarter

90's Rewind Female Artists 04-22-17

It's the female artist showdown! Will Big Kev reclaim his 90's rewind title??

TCT 90's Rewind 04-15-17

Who would've guessed that music from Disney Movies would be so hard to figure out!

90's Rewind 04-08-17

Another day, another 90's rewind, this weeks theme is alternative rock! Find out who reigns supreme in this battle of backwards proportions!

The Strippers Have Arrived

The final payoff, and it's a damn good one! Lauren receives a dance from our male strippers!

Dongapalooza Main Event

It's time for the main event! The girls are here and are ready to feel the molds and make their guesses!

Revealing the Dong Molds

The Crowded Takeover guys reveal their dong molds for Dongapalooza!!!

9-Inch Rewind

A special Dong related 90's rewind in which the guys from The Crowded Takeover have to guess suggestive songs while listening to them in reverse!

TCT 90's Rewind 03-04-17

The Crowded Takeover guys are back again with another 90's Rewind, this time it's 90's Cartoons!

TCT 90's Rewind 02-25-17

The guys from The Crowded Takeover play a game of 90's Rewind, METAL edition!
Results 1 - 14 of 14