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DGL's 6 year Anniversary!

6 years ago today Drew Garabo hit the airwaves of 102.5 The Bone and got In Your Face. Today a much wiser and more refined Garabo reflects on the years passed.

Blockbuster Video?!

John Oliver and the LOD are breathing some new life into the nearly forgotten Blockbuster video.

The Spoon Thief

After Xander was forced to eat yogurt with a plastic fork Drew gets busted procuring spoons from the breakroom to stock his kitchen. OK or NOT Ok.

Juggling The Jenkins on DGL

Tiffiany Jenkins is the host of the viral Blog Juggling The Jenkins where she shares her incredible story of overcoming addiction and how she got her life on track.

G-Butt Emily: UPDATE!

Our favorite senior caller dubbed G-Butt Emily returns to the airwaves for a fantastically tantalizing update and a new lease on life.

NHL: Dave Andreychuk

The legendary Hall of Famer Dave Andreychuk who raised the cup for the Tampa Bay lightning, joins us IN STUDIO for an interview.

Sauna Survivor: The Aftermath

Confused and aroused at the same time, John struggles to come to terms with what he just experienced. Drew and Seth bring in local cam girl for a new segment called "Flop em out Friday", thirsty Hamburger...

Senning's Sauna Survivor

An EPIC Friday on DGL, a spectacle of strippers, oily dudes, karaoke, games and boobs. If there was ever a time to check out or introduce your friends to Bonetv, this would be it.

Bo Dallas Interview

DGL Interviews Mika's Brother Bo, an up and comer in the WWE but Drew mixes up his wrestling lingo and calls Bo something a little less than respectable.

Grady Judd: Pedophile Sting Operation

The Legendary Lawman and Sheriff of Polk makes another big bust apprehending more than a dozen predators.

Keeping Up With The Rotundas

Have just celebrated their Dad's B-day. What better way to have Mika Monday than to follow up on Mr. Wallstreet's Birthday weekend and see what ole Bray & Bo are up to.

Dennis Miller Interview

Legendary Comic Dennis Miller calls the show to promote his show at Mahaffey and shoot the breeze with DGL.

G Butt Emily

A curious listener calls to ask about Butt stuff. You couldn't make this up.

Sex Pets

A 28 year old woman has come out saying R Kelly apparently had a "mistress" training her to be a "sex pet" since the age of 14. DGL asks listeners to call in their sex pet stories.

D Picks and Sexting

Drew has been exploring dating apps and the exchanging of photos. As the crew digress they ask the question; does the D pick work, Do girls like it, Is there a tasteful way to present it?

Interview: Coach Willie Taggart FSU

The legendary College Football Coach Willie Taggart does an "in studio" interview on DGL

Farting In Front of Your Spouse

Jon gives an uplifting update about little paws. Do you regularly rip on front of your significant other? Ok or Not Ok?

Jayden Cole on DGL

The incredibly sexy Penthouse, Playboy, Cinemax and dancing sensation Jayden Cole joins DGL in the studio.

Drew and Mary Lou The Conch Honkers

Mary Lou is THE Conch Honking Champion of Key West. Who better to interview her than the self proclaimed Conch Honk King of Tampa!

Banging a Co-worker/Employee

What started as a discussion about acceptable levels of fraternization turned down a different road....and straight to Seth's Mother In Law's Cooter's.
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