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Schmedium Drewsy & Orange Fabio face off in a rap battle

Schmedium Drewsy & Orange Fabio face off in a rap battle in front of a live audience and the judges, SBK and JoJo.

Billy Mays joins DGL on the floor for Mouth Council

Billy Mays joins Drew Garabo Live for Mouth Council indian style on the floor.

John Senning vs Miss Liz in a battle of “Lifetime or Softcore”

John Senning vs Miss Liz in a battle of “Lifetime or Softcore”

DGL Live Show - AJ gets his head smashed by a dominatrix (Butt Drops)

AJ let down John Senning and now he must face the consequences.

Drewpie Garilmore

While out on the golf course; Seth captured Drew's swinging straight into a water hazard. Twitter was less than gentle.

Eva Rings The Bell (AAD)

It's a feel good Thursday as we discovered Ipad recipient, Eva, is now Cancer free.

Chad Chronister; Hillsborough County Sheriff

DGL welcomes Sheriff Chronister for the first time in studio.

Hulk's Back, OK or Not Ok?

After 3 years removed from the WWE Hulk Hogan is welcomed back into the Hall of Fame and the potential for appearances in the organization.

The Pasco Pocket

A woman was stopped at an airport with a huge bounty of drugs in a particularly private place. A listener called to inform us around these parts it's known as the "Pasco Pocket". Drew asks; What have you...

Weird Kissing, Drew is Gay

John comments on Mikas hootcentric instagram photos, Seth kisses like a weirdo and the listener that brought Drew to a concert thought he was gay.

4 Bar Friday!

Drews BACK! After recapping his adventures in the week passed it's time for some good old 4 Bar Friday, with a twist?

5th of July Kick Off

How was your 4th of July? The Crew recaps their antics on America's day of Freedom.

Ian Beckles on DGL

Ian hangs out and helps us kick off our Friday show


The Soul Brother stops by to hang out while DRG is enjoying a well deserved vacation.

Tom Bailey of The Thompson Twins

80's synth pop legend Tom Bailey calls into the show for an interview.

Mika on Bumble?

Ms. Mika Rotunda the Chaste whimsically decided to sign up on the popular dating Bumble only to be met with an overwhelming response.

Artists That Ruin Their Own Concert

John went to see one of his favorite hip hop artists, Logic, and was displeased with what can be chocked up as an egotistical display.

Pay on the First Date

Some expect it, count on it, a few take complete advantage of it while others deny it. Should guys HAVE to pay all the way on the first date and not use a coupon or discount of any kind? Drew Asks OK or...

Todd Wright Talks Jameis

New developments with our TB Bucs could mean a difficult road ahead for Jameis Winston. ESPN Sportscasting Veteran Todd Wright elaborates.

Miguel From Hot 101's

Miguel Fuller of the Miguel and Holly Show on Hot 101.5 joins us to talk about pride month and shoot the s with Drew for a few.
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