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Laurel or Yanny?!

What is it? Which is it? Which do you hear? YOU'RE WRONG!

Matthew and Jim Apple A Day

Young Matthew gets an Ipad through Apple A Day.

Areola Shame?

A woman wrote in a note to barstool sports that she was self conscious about her large Areolas and is afraid to undress in front of her boyfriend. John recalls being teased in his youth for having dark...

Pickles, Hummus, Lemonade and Prom Bids

DGL's annual Pickles and lemonade stand (NOW WITH HUMMUS!) was a success yet again with thousands of dollars in donations. Drew opened up the phones for the Prom Bachelor Auction and the bidding was intense!

Ying Yang Twins and Soulja Boy Interviews

Drew interview some Titans of Hip Hop that are coming to TAMPA on tour!

Landon and Kid Rock Karaoke

Today we talked to young Landon who is our next ipad recipient with Apple A Day but first It's been a while since John and Seth serenaded Drew with some Kid Rock Karaoke.

Woody and Catherine Hiller 4/20 edition

Throw back to DGL's 4/20 edition to some stoney interviews with our favorite 77 year old weeded listener Woody and Drews favorite annual interview with Stoner Writer; Catherine "Hi Seth!" Hiller.

Lil' Rap Sucks

It's a multi bar kind of Thursday. As a hip hop connoisseur Drew just can't get behind the trend of Lil' characters currently plaguing the industry and lowering the bar for lyricists.

Pickles and Lemonade Announcment!

Seth reveals the date for our upcoming annual Pickles and Lemonade where you'll be able to bid on members of the show for the AAD Prom! PLUS a new addition to Pickles and Lemonade; Mammoth Hummus!

Todd Wright In Studio

Long time sportscaster Todd Wright joins DGL in Studio this time to talk Tampa Bay Sports including Playoff Hockey.

Apple A Day Prom

The Apple A Day Prom 2018

Foo Foo Switcheroo

The Mike Calta Show all went to see The Foo Fighters last night so the DGL crew stepped up for the morning show. Who else calls in other than Mike Calta himself.

TM Powell on DGL

Film critic and geek culture enthusiast TM Powell reviews Avengers Infinity War and talks about Deadpool 2

LL Cool J (phone interview)

OG and Hip Hop legend LL Cool J calls the show to talk about his new station on Sirius and the evolution of Rap.

Top Most Underrated Snacks (Buggles?)

Drew reads off some of the top most underrated snacks until everyone gets derailed by yet another unique pronunciation from Mika Rotunda.

Jassen Cullimore

Two time Stanley Cup winner Jassen Cullimore joins us in the studio to talk about Tampa's burgeoning hockey community.

Pornstar Mary Carey on DGL

Sexy super star Mary Carey joins DGL in Studio for some fun and games.

Nick Swardson and CAMS BACK!

On a special 420 edition of DGL, Nick Swardson calls in and Cameron Lynch returns!

DGL's 6 year Anniversary!

6 years ago today Drew Garabo hit the airwaves of 102.5 The Bone and got In Your Face. Today a much wiser and more refined Garabo reflects on the years passed.

Blockbuster Video?!

John Oliver and the LOD are breathing some new life into the nearly forgotten Blockbuster video.
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