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White Boy Sushi, Details and Pain

A perfect example of Take It Back thursday as Drew finally tries Sushi prepared by a white boy. Christine details returns and other listeners discuss who's liable when it comes to addiction through pain...

Mani/Pedis Miggs and Kim Jong Un

The guys discuss painted toe nails, sonic's new slushy and the Brilliant Comrade himself calls into the show to interact with a listener.

Things That Make You O-face

A listener calls and divulges she hasnt had an orgasm in 12 years and quite possibly because her husband doesn't go down on her.

Apple A Day Prom 2018

We laughed, we cried, we partied all night long. It was a night to remember and we owe to everyone who donated to make this incredible event possible.

Prom Drama!?

Calta vs. Kush: Mike Calta found out he couldn't put Avocado Rocker, Medicine Man and Crazy Patty on the guestlist at the last minute. Things got a little heated as Drew put his foot down in stating that...

Real Ass Nanny

Drew and Fake Granny make amends renaming her Real Ass Nanny!

Grady Judd Does it Again.

Grady Judd and his Guardians of Innocence strike another blow at child pornography in Florida and make 10 arrests in their latest sting operation.

Matt Sammon Interview

The Director of Broadcasting and Programming for The Tampa Bay Lightning joins DGL in the studio to talk about the off season and the Lightning Power Play Podcast Network.

Cryan No More!

Fake Granny, Cam Lynch and the legacy of Cryan Adams comes to an end as the crew settle the score once and for all.

Seth Can't Booty Dance

Phoebe calls in to talk about the Apple A Day Prom and lay some ground rules on how Seth can dance with who.

Roseann- Action/Reaction

Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from repercussions especially on social media and Roseann just learned that lesson the hard way. Who else has faced career damaging fallout for spouting unsavory...

Jamie Gets An Ipad (Apple A Day)

16 year old Jamie has been battling cancer. Maintaining good spirits and a positive mental attitude does wonders for treatment but can be tough with long stays in the hospital and that's why we believe...

PreGame 7 Ice Side with DGL

DGL had the honor of broadcasting live from Amalie by the ice just before game 7. Catch the opening segment right here!

Kendrick Lamar Concert Controversy

Kendrick Lamar pulled a white fan-girl on stage to sing the chorus of a song featuring the N word. What do you think happened next?

Apple a Day Brunch 2018 Recap!

Apple a Day Brunch 2018 Recap!

Laurel or Yanny?!

What is it? Which is it? Which do you hear? YOU'RE WRONG!

Matthew and Jim Apple A Day

Young Matthew gets an Ipad through Apple A Day.

Areola Shame?

A woman wrote in a note to barstool sports that she was self conscious about her large Areolas and is afraid to undress in front of her boyfriend. John recalls being teased in his youth for having dark...

Pickles, Hummus, Lemonade and Prom Bids

DGL's annual Pickles and lemonade stand (NOW WITH HUMMUS!) was a success yet again with thousands of dollars in donations. Drew opened up the phones for the Prom Bachelor Auction and the bidding was intense!

Ying Yang Twins and Soulja Boy Interviews

Drew interview some Titans of Hip Hop that are coming to TAMPA on tour!
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