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Come on self-absorbed jerks: How about a little spatial awareness & consideration for NOT YOU? If you inconvenience other people with your idiotic over-sharing, you should probably just die immediately...


Anchorman sportscaster Champ hand delivers the 'Whammy!' in studio. He misses your scent: see his stand-up comedy before he changes his mind!


Galvin's Paintings have become legendary modern art pieces fit for museum display but you? You should probably stop it immediately!


Both actor and writer, Machi is best known from Last Comic Standing and The Chris Gethard Show: Public Access but find out where he is most likely to turn up in town this weekend... I mean besides on stage...


Might I recommend you enjoy our delicious freshly baked schottenfreude? Its served with a side of baked failure over steamed chagrin. Enjoy!


Red Wanting Blue performs two new songs from the Wanting 2018 Spring Tour: "Ulysses' & 'Younger Years' Album available NOW on Amazon, Spotify & Apple Music!


May the 4th be with you bar crawl with 102.5 The Bone and Budweiser!


Come to the Improv Tampa this weekend and Bill will explain exactly how P Diddy was responsible for the death of Biggie Smalls!


Every single audience member at his comedy shows are always entitled to hold this Tonight Show Standing O recipient's lovely Bag of worms. Don't miss out!


Bedbug Hotel Rwanda Wake Up Call: Learn how to say "These hookers were dead when i got here" in every Nation's language you're staying in.


An original WCW Diva, she first a make-up artist for CNN with Larry King Live then started working with wrestlers of World Championship Wrestling before moving to Atlanta and was eventually asked to become...


The Apple A Day Prom 2018


Lets play the classic blindfold game called "Whats in your mouth?"


Mike Calta shows us how to enable the Mike Calta Featured Cut Alexa Skill, along with some other fun tricks!


Will sexy porn actress & star of "Who's Nailin' Palin" meet Spanish at Whore Island to smoke out with Cheech Marin?


Trolls who are not funny or clever yet still believe their opinions matter are a lot like Unfunny Dan who calls in for Galvin to explain the process of buying cymbals On Line and breakdown why Dan is unfunny...


John Madden on mushrooms calls from the future looking for Tracy Morgan Freeman!


is also known for sketch performances on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment & the documentary Heckler, about the plight of stand-up comics versus their often-aggressive audiences. See him at Side Splitters Tampa!


These are the same colossally stupid missing links screaming at the TV in a sports bar. Calm it down dude. No one likes your alpha-male, locker-room, high-fiving boner salutes.


This NYC Comic is a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and recently premiered his first one hour standup special, 'Father Figure,' on Comedy Central with a live album of...


Theo Von will come to your house party but don't invite his friend Ladedric... THAT guy is shady AF.


The latest social media craze entails teens making videos of themselves snorting condoms into their nostrils and pulling them out through their mouths. The only way to make it better is to see a hot girl...


Why do people tape, stick, attach, bolt, affix staple and nail just about anything to their junk heaps?


Brooklyn born Brian is an actor and stand-up comedian who got his start at the The Comedy Cellar in NYC, Most known for appearances on "CONAN", his half hour Comedy Central special "COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENTS...


He hosts a weekly radio show in /Cleveland – Sunday Nights with Chad Zumock and became a recurring guest host on The Bob & Tom Show. Chad appeared on Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV hosted by Norm Macdonald...


Hey Dude, It's barely cute when a hot chick does it. Please end it.


From New Jersey, Jay began performing stand-up comedy at colleges, comedy clubs, and on TV with An Evening at the Improv and Two Drink Minimum. He first gained national attention while a cast member on...


Victorious in the second season of Last Comic Standing, Heffron took the stage at University of Michigan campus’s Comedy Showcase, then found himself skipping night classes to pursue his passion and branching...


What the hell is this new social media app nonsense? We just don't need another Social Media Platform However, If we do: just hit me up on Zip Zoink. Everyone's doing it!


Jared made his way into the New York comedy scene and has been featured on TruTV, MTV, NFL Network, AXS TV, and The Today Show. He's known to a cult following as "JTrain" for BroBible, HeTexted, FlockU...


John Alite was a murderer, drug dealer and thug. After learning his lessons the hard way, he has turned his life around and is now a bestselling author, crime consultant expert, performance coach, and...


Jumping the Shark is supposed to be a clear indication of having run out of ideas... How did this become the starting point for new shows?


OK look, if you are a lump of crap at work then change jobs or do something about it. Just don't take it out on the rest of us who are NOT at work by ruining it for everyone! Because it's probably not...


Shouldn't people take advantage of the power to choose a name by acting responsibly when doing so?


A couple quit their jobs, sold all their belongings and set sail on a boat, which immediately sank two days into their journey. Tanner Broadwell, 26, and Nikki Walsh, 24, saved for two whole years to sail...


The power couples fight to the bitter end t in our Death Heart Forum into round 3 of the Mike Calta Not So NewlyWed Game! Will our love last forever? How do i know you love me?


The power couples slug it out in the ring of fire through round 2 of the Mike Calta Not So NewlyWed Game! Who will get hurt? How will our love survive?


The power couples square of in round 1 of the Mike Calta Not So NewlyWed Game! Who will emerge triumphant?


In both 2007 and 2009, Talkers Magazine included Lionel on their list of "The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America" at number 23, and estimated his the show's audience at 1.75 million unique...


Comedian Leonard Ouzts is a distinct rising voice in the world of stand-up comedy. Most recently seen in a breakout role in Netflix’s hit series Master of None, he has been on Conan, Adam Devine’s House...


Dr Sadie's mission is to bring greater sexual pleasure to all who seek it and we definitely want to know about it. She's got a lifetime of erotic secrets to share and she's studio to unwrap the latest...


Before emerging victorious in the second season of NBC’s hit reality competition Last Comic Standing, Heffron loved FM radio, as Bonaduce’s wingman on Detroit’s Number One morning show. Here he shares...


Being consumed by fire in a dirty ashtray, corpse abuse by a creepy mortician, hallowed out, laid out and made up like a creepy clown for display, buried and rotting underground and none of it is dirt...


Mo'Nique claims Netflix severely short-changed her during negotiations for a comedy special ... and she says the proof is in how much some other comedians got paid for specials. Mike does't think she deserves...


Drinking the Kool Aid, track-suit comet riders, Some megalo-leader bangin' your wife and daughter, child enslavement, dirty commune living, mass suicides and mass murder all seem like bad ideas up front...


Drunk Monica was throwing around the accusations concerning Roland Mizell and his involvement in Practicing the Principles of Homosexuality, claiming that Roland was miserable due to his secret gayness...


Comedian,actress,talk show hos and crazy dog lady: Lynne Koplitz talks about being on tour with Louis CK and fighting guys in the front row at her comedy shows. Lynne will BEAT YOU DOWN so don't heckle...

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