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The Mike Calta Show Staff

Meet the members of The Mike Calta Show


The Mike Calta Show: Mike Calta

Mike Calta grew up in NY, on the mean streets of Staten Island. His last job before getting into radio was a fork lift driver in Bayonne, NJ. That sucked. So he packed his bags and moved to Florida.

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The Mike Calta Show: Galvin

Galvin, the smart ass youngest of four brothers, grew up outside Chicago then moved to Florida at the age of 19. He always had radio in the back of his mind as something he would like to do. In February 2007 Galvin became part of The Mike Calta Show and now lives back in Florida and hopes never ever to see stupid snow ever again.

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John Brennan

The Mike Calta Show: John Brennan

John Brennan, born in Philadelphia and raised in Hernando County, Florida. He is the Executive Producer of the #1 rated Mike Calta Show and the skinniest guy on the show.

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