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Mini Doughnut Factory in Studio

The Doughnut Daddy and Doughnut Mama came in to judge some mini doughnuts for apple a day!

Father, Mother, Daughter Strip Club Combo

You can't make up this phone call! You have to hear how this chick invited her parents to the strip club!

What Drew Called Carmin

If you missed the Mike Calta Show this morning and want to know what it was that Drew said to Carmin, we've got it right here for you!

Brian Scolaro on the Mike Calta Show

Is masturbating to pictures of yourself as a child illegal? Brian explains why he is personally responsible for the Michael Richards incident & how many gym coach fat guy parts are left in Hollywood. Find...

Open Letter Sexy Jobs

Galvin addresses the sexual orientation of jobs and how we perceive them: Nurse, Masseuse, Auto Mechanic and Barista. Mike calls his wife to ask permission for something related.

Calta calls to talk about dinner

To clear things up a bit more, Calta calls to discuss what REALLY happened at dinner over the weekend!

Galvin BlowBot News

Would you rather use the Aaron Hernandez Prison House Boy Toy or a BLOWBOT on a Kitty Hawk flying machine? You Decide.