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If your mom is a racist or your friends are bullies does that make you a Hero or a Legend? Captain Ham Sandwiches might be a superhero and Shoney's Day Shift waitresses are probably not Porn Stars but...


Still fresh from The Last Jedi prescreening; TM Powell joins DGL for his take on this year's most anticipated addition to The Star Wars franchise.


The saga continues and Drew's son is becoming a man. From letting childish habits die to taking girls out on dates! Get the full white knuckle story as Drew tells all.


Friday Dec. 8 DGL set out to saves Christmas. After 12 hours of broadcasting and collecting toys for the tots, the outcome was incredible.


Paul left his high-paying Wall Street job as a corporate Attorney to do stand-up comedy in seedy New York City dive bars, going on stage for drunks and hookers and whoever, then go back to this lavish...


A man with a chest piece reading "Do Not Resuscitate" was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Do the workers administer aid or abide by a tattoo?? Drew and crew debate and talk about terrible...


It should be illegal to walk and text on a busy street. If you've ever worked or lived in a major city, you've likely felt the heated anger of sidewalk rage. Perhaps the wise poet Ludacris put it best...


UPDATE: Al's Mother Franken Billboard, Big Blue On You, A Texas Sexas Teacher, Beware The Detroit One Cent Choke Out, Please Don't Cock The Vote, The Florida Dildo Napper and Aaron Carter is now focused...