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Scientists have discovered something fascinating about your brain when you die. Drew asks listeners to call in if they've ever temporarily died or had out of body experiences.


Henson began his career as a stand-up comic. After appearing in films in the 90's, he became the longest-running host (four years) of Talk Soup on the E! Entertainment Network. From 2008 to 2014, Henson...


A surprising statistic has revealed a prominent rise in MMF threesomes otherwise known as The Devils Threeway.

A Drug Deal with Mom Gone Wrong

Have you ever gone to pick up drugs with your parents? This Mother daughter duo did and things got weird.


Why change a good thing into a depressing, crappy thing that is not as good as the thing you once had? I don't know. Ask blubbering cry-baby Jimmy Kimmel or Deliverance Banjo playin' Steve Martin. Galvin...

No Tricks No Treats- Sheriff Grady's Big Bust

The Legend of The Sheriff of Polk continues to grow with his latest bust on prostitution and human trafficking totaling at 277 arrests. Get the scoop with this DGL exclusive interview.

Galvin Foxy Boxing NEWS on the Mike Calta Show

The Trick or Treating of Anne Frank, My Hamburger has a bone in it, Glee Star Feeling Glum, Snake Dancing, Trailer Park Corpses and Super Hot Awesome Boxing Chick Make Out. What more do you want?

The Act of Winking and Mika down unda?

Today's OK or NOT Ok: winking. Creepy, harassment or playful? DGL discuss the intentions behind the gesture but the conversation turns on Mika yet again who somehow would entertain traveling to Australia...