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No More Hoppe Hype

Unable to hold his tongue any longer Drew airs his grievances concerning Ryan Hoppe's side-winding career path in the building. Balls calls in support at the expense of Kristal Stems and Drew doesn't take...

Watch when HBO brings the "Hard Knocks" film crew to Drew Garabo Live!

Watch when HBO brings the "Hard Knocks" film crew to Drew Garabo Live!

Martin Gramatica

Former NFL Kicker Martin Gramatica joins DGL to talk about his upcoming bout with Spanish from the Mike Calta Show. This will be Spanish's toughest challenger by far, get the inside scoop on his training...

Anthony Sullivan on the Mike Calta Show

English entrepreneur and infomercial pitchman of media shopping in the United States, Anthony John "Sully" Sullivan is best known for his roles in television commercials. He is the founder and CEO of the...


Did you stand out in the parking lot at work and stare at the sun? DGL did. Find out who burned their retinas on this special eclipse 2017 episode.

Darryl DMC Mcdaniels Interview

The legendary DMC of Run DMC joins DGL for a surprise interview. Rapper, mentor and now comic book hero; DMC tells the crew about his adventures in the industry, new endeavors and unwavering positive outlook...

Carly Aquilino on the Mike Calta Show

Stand-up comedian, actress, television host and personality. Carly is a regular cast member of the Girl Code comedy series on MTV and was a host of Girl Code Live. Here she stops by the Show and tries...

Stuttering John Melendez on Mike Calta Show

Television writer, radio personality and politician "Stuttering John," appears on the Mike Calta Show. Prior to work on television Melendez was a regular on-air personality on The Howard Stern Show. He...