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Rico, the new big wig working at CMG stopped by and Drew honked his conch in front of him!


Find out the story of how Drew's Mom found out about his half-brother!


Find out what Drew saw this weekend that has him believing in ghosts!!!

Comedian Josh Wolf in Studio on The Mike Calta Show

Comedian, actor, writer for a number of sitcoms & best known for E! talk show: Chelsea Lately, Josh appears in studio to compare foreheads & boxing stories w/ Mike when Chris Kattan calls in to once again...

Spanish calls DGL

Spanish called in to discuss the plans for the on-air auction for charity!

MCS 03-16-2017 Comedian Joe List

List can be heard regularly on Sirius Radio & on his podcast 'Tuesdays with Stories' and Robert Kelly's 'You Know What Dude' podcast, he opening for Louis CK on his international tour in 2016 and is a...

Open Letter to Famous Wierd-Os

Hey Kids! Its Gary Glitter with Richard Gere's pet gerbils using Bill Cosby's Rudy finger on Ray Lewis: homicidal maniac! Al Gore invented the Roman Polanski Rape Daddy and Marv Albert Bites Subway Jerod's...

The White Witch Calls In

A listener called in and will forever be known as The White Witch from now on!



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