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A lady tried to impregnate another woman who was smuggled from Mexico and forced fed beans until she lost 65 Lbs.! Ummm.. what?

No this isn’t a new show on Netflix. A Florida woman was charged guilty after trying to pay Coyotes $3,000 to smuggle the woman to the U.S. This story is full of illegal stuff and twists and plot changes just like a movie. And yeah, it happened in good old Florida.

Read more here.


News with Galvin takes a sparkly turn as the guys discuss Wrestling, Facebook Memories, and then something called GLITTER BOOTY??

A new booty shaking sensation is sweeping the Bone studio. It’s called Glitter Booty and we love it.


To skip straight to the glitter talk, go to 16 minutes into this video.

Video: Bizarre moment when two girls Twerk On A Coffin Put The ‘Fun’ In Funeral

We all grieve in our way. For some people, they say goodbye to their loved ones by breaking it down twerk style on his coffin as another girl lifts up one girl’s skirt as she spanks her repeatedly and a bucket of water is dumped on the women so it turns into a wet t-shirt contest you’d see in Panama City during spring break.


What is going on with Former WWE wrestler Scott Steiner’s Chest?

Scott Steiner AKA the Big Booty Daddy doesn’t look like the same old guy he used to. He used to say “All I care about are my freaks and my peaks!” but what the hell happened to his peaks? Is this years of steroid abuse? Did he suffer a muscle tear or have an odd surgery?

You can tell he tried to cover it up with that new tattoo, but I mean come on…

Unfortunately, this guy has had a huge chip on his should for the 2 decades. He’s been caught threatening Hulk Hogan’s life and was banned from a WrestleMania a few years ago. I guess now he’s trying to get paid for wrestling in small gyms here and there, but what other choice does he have?

Take a look at this video and see what Nick’s Power and Strength has to say.


Woman is recovering after losing limbs when she fell into the path of a subway

This smells like every movie we’ve ever seen when a guy fights another guy in the subway. Didn’t I see Bruce Willis do this? Or what about when people jump down on the rails to get to a secret door that leads to a super hero’s hidden lair? Didn’t the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live down there?

Reports say that a woman fainted moments before the train arrived and the driver of the train saw her fall and tried to slam the breaks, but couldn’t stop the train in time. If that is truly what happened can you imagine waking up with no arm and leg? I just don’t see it going down like that.

Here’s a list of things I think could of possible happened instead of her just fainting:

She was pushed by someone who secretly has been wanting her dead

This was a random hate crime

She actually slipped on a banana peel

Possibly texting and walking and wasn’t paying attention

Her best friend pushed her because she wanted to be with her boyfriend

Ok, so maybe that last one is a stretch!

Check out these clips of famous movies from the New York Subway system and see if any look familiar. (and a few surprises at the bottom)



And now check out these security videos of people not having a good day.

Katy Perry cut off all her hair and people are freaking out. But here at The Bone all we really care about is how hot she still is. Seriously.

Check out the new haircut that people can’t stop raving about! Wait, are you not  impressed at all? Us neither. Why do the hot ones always want to cut it all off?

Now take a look below at the old Hair style (and outfit!)

Now lets all just watch videos of how hot she is. Seriously!

Told you so.


A Crazy Lady Stole A Duck From Our Parking Lot And It’s Way Not Cool! Then She Shanked John Senning Down For $12.00!

I can’t even anymore.

I Just Can’t.

Watch the video see for yourself what happened that got our entire show to stop it’s normal programming and go on this crazy duck hunt.

Mike Calta can fight a Bobcat? Arian Foster fighting a Wolf? Now lets take some time to really think about this and just how wrong it could go.

wolves don't scare me like that cuz in my neighborhood was a bunch of loose enraged pits. if he alone i think i can get him. — Feeno (@ArianFoster) March 5, 2017

NFL player Arian Foster’s Twitter now claims her can fight a wolf! A Wolf! People were sending him videos showing animals destroying people and he still thinks he can do it. On the Mike Calta Show they discuss the best maneuvers and situations to get the best of an animal. Does it matter if you’re a bigger guy? Does the animal’s size or claws matter? One guy said to break the wolf’s leg and he’ll run away, but how the hell do you get close enough to do that?

Take a listen on The Mike Calta Cut of the day and see what you think and then scroll down and check out some of those animal fight videos. They are in-freakin-sane!





Video: Breast Milk Olympics on Drew Garabo Live. See who gargles milk like a porn star and who added it to their coffee.

Parking lot milk-pumping radio host Danielle from 97X, who is a new mom stopped by the 102.5 studio and dropped off a few fresh ounces of her breast milk. One of the guys on the show brought some lucky charms cereal and volunteered to drink it up. And then someone asked if they could dip some strawberries in it. Then things got weird.

Video: Steve-O Jumps off a Bridge From a Moving Trampoline and makes national news from Tampa

Steve O couldn’t just come to town and do something crazy… he had to get really crazy. And he’s luck to be alive. Check out the video below and watch the former jackass star leap from one of our tallest bridges here in Tampa and jump into the Intercoastal waterway.

“This was one of a handful of moments I really thought I was not OK.” -Steve O

Video: Did Mike Calta and Steve-O just become best friends? Steve O talks drugs, sex and all things jackassery.

We love it when Steve-O drops by the 102.5 studios. He’s like a best friend to some of us and especially to the Mike Calta Show. He’s even nice enough to pose for a few photos with all of us that don’t talk on the radio. What a guy!

You can watch the entire interview on the video below. Enjoy!


Galvin wrote another Open Letter about companies that advertise too much. Can you guess who?

I for one am sick of seeing the same companies advertise repeatedly and trying to embed their logo or catch saying into our brains though out the years. How many times must we be reminded about how “great” your product is?

Who cares!

Listen to what Galvin from The Mike Calta Show says in his weekly Open Letter.

Click here to listen to more Open Letters!



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