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Posted: August 07, 2015

Talk show drama: Show host talks alleged domestic violence victim to safety

By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

TAMPA, Fla. —

A weekday talk show host had a dramatic call Friday, identifying an apparent domestic violence victim and keeping her and her alleged abuser on the phone - live on air - until police could respond.

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“Drew Garabo LIVE” is on afternoons at 102.5 The BONE in Tampa, Florida.   DISCLOSURE: The all-talk station is a Cox Media Group property.

>> Listen to the dramatic radio call here.

A woman who identified herself as Nicole called in to the show to talk about religion but instead began to talk about problems in her life and her relationship. 

Nicole told Garabo she and her boyfriend, whom she called Jeff, were just leaving the emergency room, where she had been treated for a broken hand after an altercation. Both she and Jeff spoke to Garabo, discussing Jeff’s drug problem. At one point, Jeff admitted to being high on meth during the call.

Rather than dismiss the call, Garabo stayed live on the air and kept the two on the line for more than half an hour.

“This was unlike anything we have encountered on air before. She seemed to be crying out for help and luckily Drew was able to talk to her long enough until law enforcement arrived,” Seth Kushner, executive producer of the show, said.

Show producers called police on another line during the call, giving officers the information they needed to locate the callers. The call did not end until officers showed up. The callers were taken to a police station for questioning, show producers said.

Producers at 102.5 The BONE said they had a call in to police to see if more details of the outcome were available.

We put the "real" in Real.Raw.Radio today. What started as a call about atheism turned into a cry for help. LISTEN...

Posted by 102.5 THE BONE on Friday, August 7, 2015

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