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Comedian Steve Byrne joins The Mike Calta Show

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Comedian Josh Wolf in Studio w The Mike Calta Show

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Mike Interviews Comedian Nick NiPaolo

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Comedian Brian Scolaro in studio with The Mike Calta Show

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Is Audryk a guy?

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News with Galvin

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Boner Rob needs a favor from Mike Calta

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Brian Scolaro on the Mike Calta Show

Is masturbating to pictures of yourself as a child illegal? Brian explains why he is personally responsible for the Michael Richards incident & how many gym coach fat guy parts are left in Hollywood. Find...

Open Letter Sexy Jobs

Galvin addresses the sexual orientation of jobs and how we perceive them: Nurse, Masseuse, Auto Mechanic and Barista. Mike calls his wife to ask permission for something related.

Galvin BlowBot News

Would you rather use the Aaron Hernandez Prison House Boy Toy or a BLOWBOT on a Kitty Hawk flying machine? You Decide.

Jake Shimabukuro jams with Spanish

The Master Ukulele player was in studio when Spanish whipped out some weird hippie like box-type instrument and a magic music baby was thrust outward from the gyrating hips of collaboration. Well done...

Former Mobster John Alite on the Mike Calta Show

Albanian hitman for the Gambinos & Gotti from the 1980s - 2000s, John was targeted for murder & fled overseas. After spending two years in Brazilian prison, he was extradited to the US in 2006 for murder...

Galvin's Open Letter to Fake Holidays

What is up with National Pet Day, Inter-galactic Donut Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day? Why is social media infected with manufactured Hallmark holidays designed to subject us to some form of awkward social...

News: Galvin Dragged Off Overbooked United Flight

Galvin offers news which includes a lot of dookie, Can a woman rape a man? ... and swinging chicks SOUNDS good, right? It's not.