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Ian Bagg on the Mike Calta Show

Comedian, actor, writer and Canadian Ian Bagg known for Specials: 'Getting to F**king Know You' (2013), Most Vertical Primate - Behind the Scenes (2002) and Ian Bagg: Missing and Presumed Funny (1998)...

MIke Calta Show News with Galvin

Chugging Coke-a-Coffee, Jaxonville Pole Looting, Racist Baseballs and Waxing a Hair Sweater Arms. Getting that great big Shinebox in the sky and an 83 year old man ends a Rooftop Standoff in the best possible...


Don't be an idiot. Don't be someone who enjoys slowing their vehicle to like 15 miles an hour on a motorway just so they can gawk at the wreckage of a van on its roof, a car on fire or a fallen tree. These...

BH Tattoo Girls on the Mike Calta Show

Bawllz was beaten by Peg Legged Pirate Dan in a Knockout at Mike Calta Punchout #3. His penalty for losing was being banned on the Bone because he annoyed Dan so much. In order to lift the ban, he needs...

Open Letter To Things Guys Shouldn't Do

No Facetime No Emojis, No Shoulder Riding, No Tickling, No Feeding eathother and for the Love of God, Don't watch Porn Together... Unless you happen to be Gay... Then go ahead and Gay it on up! (winky-face...

Byrne & Cannon on the Mike Calta Show

Horn-blasting Steve Byrne is our favorite thing to do! Especially when professional heckler and Conan O'Brien Live Audience Opener Gary Cannon is in Studio. Byrne Talks about his new show: Oh Brother....

Open Letter To People Who Spoil Things

Saying 'Spoiler Alert' before basking in the negative attention of loudly ruining it for everyone nearby does not mean you are not a dick. It means you you have have nothing interesting to share because...