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Mike Calta Show: Water Tower News

Mike Calta Show Water Tower Joel Update w/ #MCS Logo, Prison Escapee Finally Caught, Fat Guys on a Plane, Motorcycle - 01 / Cars - 00, Grannie's Golf Cart Chop Shop, Cutting Up the Family Pet, NASA Stickey...

Gay Confederate Statue Pride Week on the Mike Calta Show

What is the Babadook, how did it become a symbol of Gay Pride and why are Confederate Statues no longer standing erect? This and the rest of your questions are answered on the Mike Calta Show with fabulous...

Dignitary Party List Mike Calta Review

Mike Calta disapproves of Mo's 'plus two' for the upcoming Dignitary Party. Are you ON the list or OFF the list? AVOID EMBARRASSMENT and Find out now! CHECK Yo'self before you WRECK Yo'self.

Open Letter To Children's Books

Galvin's open letter addresses the many horrible and dangerous lessons of childhood: Not Eating your Sister in the Woods, Dead baby Stork Delivery, Gang-Banging Dwarf parties, Eaten by Wolves, and Why...

The Real Raw Open 2017

The entire staff of 102.5 The Bone puts on an expert golfing display as BEERS get drank and HOLES get filled! Watch footage as the guys give expert advice in this exclusive video! It's The Real raw Open!

U2 Concert Controversy Mike Calta Show

Mike claims he was at the U2 Show last night, Spanish can't put his money where his mouth is, Carmin suspects social media shenanigans and Galvin is calling out lies on the moon. How can his be settled?


What things come to mind when someone mentions their van? Nothing good, thats for sure... Panel Van, Car-Bomb van, Rape Van, Abduction Van... None of those sound good, Thanks, keep your free candy.

FREE Medicine Man Ask the Dom on Mike Calta Show

An allegedly drunken Medicine Man was recently arrested at the Iron Maiden show. Catch both sides of the story as an involved representative of law enforcement calls in with new information while Dom tries...

Mike Calta Show Dentobyte Device

Mike tries to suggest device swapping what appears to be a Cenobite's invisalign braces... the result will tear your soul apart!

Mike Calta Show Galvin News 06-09-2017

A Luxurious Vindication from James Comey with Fuzz on John McCain, Kicking a guy on Fire, Drunk Couple Demonstrates in-flight Baggage Handling, Belly Rubs are more fun than Sniffing Bombs, Bears on Wheels...

Jamie Kennedy on the Mike Calta Show

Known for his stand-up comedy, sketch performances, television and movie roles, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment became the WB Network's highest-ranking new show in 2002. He has appeared in TV and films such...


Painting with a twist was a smashing success, Spanish interprets abuse as a love language and Galvin offers an Open Letter to those unprepared idiots who can't pay enough attention to get through the line...

Mike Calta Show Galvin News 06-06-2017

THIS JUST IN: Who is most likely to shoot up the building? Captain Trump vs Khaaan on the Bridge in London, Principle Pie Face, Road Rage Car Jacking with a Loaded Hand Tool, This Maid is on Fire, The...

Harland Highway Review & Donut News on the Mike Calta Show

Mike offers his review of the Harland Highway Podcast and Galvin brings the News: Trump's Climate Changing head bullies Kathy Griffin, Fake Bombs on a Plane, Heroin Pills, Drunken Supermarket Vodka Guy...

Harland Williams on the Mike Calta Show

Movie roles like Dumb and Dumber, Freddy Got Fingered, There's Something About Mary, Half Baked, RocketMan, Sorority Boys, Down Periscope and Employee of The Month, Williams has performed stand-up comedy...

Open Letter To Things You Just Gotta Try

Galvin and the #MCS don't need your biometrics, your coconut oils, the stick of butter for my coffee, your ancient Indian teas, kettle bells and stupid kale leaves.. Can't use 'em!

Tigers in the News

Tigers in the rough, Teachers out of work, 88 MPH in the present is a future ticket with beer gators, gun nuts and flying soccer balls... Just let Galvin & the MCS catch you up on everything you were too...

Theo Von on the Mike Calta Show

Von started his career during his college days on Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. He later reappeared on the Road Rules spin-off, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, competing in Battle of the Seasons...

OLG To North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Open Letter from Galvin to the fat little missile firing pot sticker and North Korean jack hole who invented the poop-less hamburger.


Since when is it not a red flag to show up to your first day at the new job in a wig, fake mustache and Groucho Marx glasses? Perhaps if you are Lois Lane and can't ID the guy you are bangin on the reg...
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