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Pizza Pig Out! with Hungry Howies

Hungry Howies brought a delicious bounty of pizza to the studio to tell everyone about their pizza eating competition at the upcoming florida state fair!

4 Bar Friday

Fueled by nostalgic establishments of the past, Four Bar Friday returns!

Kelly Spankson

Pop Star Kelly Clarkson spanks her kids. The real question is; which pop star would you want to spank you?

Opening A Dialog: Cancer and Karma

In a very heavy edition of Drew Garabo Live, an old listener calls in to address a deplorable on air interaction. The conversation evolves and comes full circle demonstrating the importance of opening...

Fentanyl Tainted Cocaine

The Opioid Epidemic has been terrorizing America but now it seems a dangerous pharmaceutical is finding its way into Cocaine and causing deadly results.

A Country Christmas Dinner...

The crew discuss their christmas traditions and a particularly nontraditional animal that has been served at someones family meal.

TM Powell Talks Star Wars: Last Jedi

Still fresh from The Last Jedi prescreening; TM Powell joins DGL for his take on this year's most anticipated addition to The Star Wars franchise.

They Grow Up So Fast Part 2

The saga continues and Drew's son is becoming a man. From letting childish habits die to taking girls out on dates! Get the full white knuckle story as Drew tells all.

Drew Saves Christmas

Friday Dec. 8 DGL set out to saves Christmas. After 12 hours of broadcasting and collecting toys for the tots, the outcome was incredible.

Disclaimer Tattoo?

A man with a chest piece reading "Do Not Resuscitate" was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Do the workers administer aid or abide by a tattoo?? Drew and crew debate and talk about terrible...

#DGL Interview With An Author: Anne Rice

Drew Interviews Anne Rice and her son on their new collaboration.

The Seminole Heights Killer??

An armed suspect was apprehended at a Mcdonalds in Ybor city. The mood was tense as a heavy police presence filled the area and Police Chief Dugan was on scene to give a statement. Could this be the moment...

They Grow Up So Fast

Drew's son is becoming a man and he struggles to reconcile it's time to let go of old habits.

Weed or Alcohol?

In a side by side comparison, one substance is far more damaging, dangerous and potentially fatal than the other.

Sleep Assault or "Sleep Assault"

Sometimes known as "Take me don't wake me" among consenting adults. Susanne Somers joked about her husband helping himself in the bedroom. Drew asks; OK or NOT Ok?

The Sound of Heroin

What classic songs would be the equivalent of a heroin buzz?

The Bucs Won??

The Commish joins us in the studio for some post game coverage of the Bucs win over The Jets this past Sunday.

Who Stole The Chicken??

Every office has that person who goes into the fridge and steals their coworkers lunches and snacks but in radio you don't mess with peoples food. Watch Miguel from Hot 101.5 teem with fury as he's been...

The Sexy Voices of Tampa Bay

DGL asks female listeners with sexy voices to call in and show us their stuff. Are they eargasmic?

Cam Lynch and Chef Cliff Barsi

Cam's back! The guys talk Bucs life, grubbing and chilling then Mika introduces everyone to Chef Cliff Barsi from Metropolitan Ministries and Dough Nation creators of the amazing raw cookie dough dessert...
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