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Marlon Wayans on the Mike Calta Show

Marlon Wayans is best known for his role in the Scary Movie film series, and for being the youngest of the Wayans siblings with whom he appeared on In Living Color and co-starred in the WB sitcom The Wayans...

Matt Joyce Interview

The Former Tampa Ray makes a trip home from Oakland to talk about his upcoming sports camp.

Hoots, Wings and Hard Ons

DGL discuss guilt free ways to enjoy Hooters, winghouse and the like. Trump said Stormy Daniels reminded him of his daughter?


It’s no longer all that far-fetched to think that someone known primarily for their work on TV and with absolutely no governing experience could not only run for president but also win. Connecting an uber-popular...

Pizza Pig Out! with Hungry Howies

Hungry Howies brought a delicious bounty of pizza to the studio to tell everyone about their pizza eating competition at the upcoming florida state fair!

4 Bar Friday

Fueled by nostalgic establishments of the past, Four Bar Friday returns!

Mike Calta Show with Ben Gleib

Gleib was a regular round-table guest on the E! late night talk show Chelsea Lately, appearing on the show since 2008. He has performed on The Late Late Show and in 2002 he wrote the "Radio Music Awards"...

Kelly Spankson

Pop Star Kelly Clarkson spanks her kids. The real question is; which pop star would you want to spank you?


Entitled individuals think they deserve more than other people think they do, They're the student who seeks an A for a slapdash term paper, the indifferent employee angry at the lack of career advancement...

Dave Bautista on the Mike Calta Show 2018

Bautista signed to WWE under the ring name Batista, where he became a six-time world champion, winning WWE's World Heavyweight Championship four times and the WWE Championship twice. He joined the cast...

Opening A Dialog: Cancer and Karma

In a very heavy edition of Drew Garabo Live, an old listener calls in to address a deplorable on air interaction. The conversation evolves and comes full circle demonstrating the importance of opening...

Fentanyl Tainted Cocaine

The Opioid Epidemic has been terrorizing America but now it seems a dangerous pharmaceutical is finding its way into Cocaine and causing deadly results.


Being jarred awake or angrily awoken via audio rape by your alarm clock is not acceptable. Alarm clocks are loud, obnoxious, and completely useless since they only ever make you feel even more tired than...

#MIKECALTASHOW R&R Hall of Fame KARAOKE Spanish Galvin

Spanish spins the musical tale of Tommy & Gina, a working class couple, struggling to make ends meet. Can Spanish "hold on to what he's got" through just the magic of showmance? Galvin's beem watching...

#MikeCaltaShow R&R Hall of Fame KARAOKE Carmin Mike

Carmin opens the show with an inspirational rendition of HOF inductee Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good' and Her perfect control, her excellent emphasis on syllables and every technique she employs is incredible...

A Country Christmas Dinner...

The crew discuss their christmas traditions and a particularly nontraditional animal that has been served at someones family meal.

#Mike Calta Show Gilbert Gottfried

Comedian, actor & voice actor in film & television as parrot Iago in Disney's Aladdin, Digit in the children's cartoon math show Cyberchase and Kraang Subprime in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Gottfried...


If your mom is a racist or your friends are bullies does that make you a Hero or a Legend? Captain Ham Sandwiches might be a superhero and Shoney's Day Shift waitresses are probably not Porn Stars but...

TM Powell Talks Star Wars: Last Jedi

Still fresh from The Last Jedi prescreening; TM Powell joins DGL for his take on this year's most anticipated addition to The Star Wars franchise.

They Grow Up So Fast Part 2

The saga continues and Drew's son is becoming a man. From letting childish habits die to taking girls out on dates! Get the full white knuckle story as Drew tells all.
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