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Fergie's National Anthem

Jazzy is one word you could use to describe it, after review the crew asks OK or NOT? Our buddy Damon gets a laptop and Drew graces the airwaves with his own instrumental conch version of the anthem.

"The Gun Debate"

Jovan from Promotions who is an NRA certified fire arms instructor joins the show to discuss the points and perspectives on guns, control and our country's obsession/confusion concerning what we think...


A couple quit their jobs, sold all their belongings and set sail on a boat, which immediately sank two days into their journey. Tanner Broadwell, 26, and Nikki Walsh, 24, saved for two whole years to sail...

The Mika Rotunda Dating Game

The beautiful, the chased, THE Mika Rotunda gets put on the pedestal as gentlemen suitors compete for her affections and the honor of being her Valentine.

Mike Calta Show NOT So NewlyWed Game pt.3

The power couples fight to the bitter end t in our Death Heart Forum into round 3 of the Mike Calta Not So NewlyWed Game! Will our love last forever? How do i know you love me?

Mike Calta Show NOT So NewlyWed Game pt.2

The power couples slug it out in the ring of fire through round 2 of the Mike Calta Not So NewlyWed Game! Who will get hurt? How will our love survive?

Mike Calta Show NOT So NewlyWed Game pt.1

The power couples square of in round 1 of the Mike Calta Not So NewlyWed Game! Who will emerge triumphant?

Tripe and Chicken Feet

After losing the hungry howies pizza competition against Drew, John had to eat beef comb tripe and chicken feet prepared by SBK. The experience is not for the squeamish.

Mike Calta Show Radio Legend: Lionel

In both 2007 and 2009, Talkers Magazine included Lionel on their list of "The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America" at number 23, and estimated his the show's audience at 1.75 million unique...

Judge Lynn Toler

The brilliantly vibrant Judge Lynn Toler joins DGL in the studio.

Mike Calta Show Leonard Ouzts

Comedian Leonard Ouzts is a distinct rising voice in the world of stand-up comedy. Most recently seen in a breakout role in Netflix’s hit series Master of None, he has been on Conan, Adam Devine’s House...

Mike Calta Show Dr Sadie Allison

Dr Sadie's mission is to bring greater sexual pleasure to all who seek it and we definitely want to know about it. She's got a lifetime of erotic secrets to share and she's studio to unwrap the latest...

Radio War?

Thems fightin' words.....A podcast duo from NYC have apparently made Tampa drive-time radio out to be the lowest of the low. They repeatedly take stabs at what it means to work in Tampa Bay terrestrial...

Mike Calta Show John Heffron

Before emerging victorious in the second season of NBC’s hit reality competition Last Comic Standing, Heffron loved FM radio, as Bonaduce’s wingman on Detroit’s Number One morning show. Here he shares...

Who's Rubbing Me?

You've heard of touch a tush, well here's an all new spin where guests get to molest Drew instead!


Being consumed by fire in a dirty ashtray, corpse abuse by a creepy mortician, hallowed out, laid out and made up like a creepy clown for display, buried and rotting underground and none of it is dirt...

Pizza Eat OFF! with Hungry Howies

It's a PIZZA FIGHT! Drew and John face off to celebrate Hungry Howie's upcoming pizza eating competition at the Florida State Fair.

Florida State Fair 2018

Check out all of the new fun and exciting features coming to your Florida State Fair in 2018! The Fair is happening from February 8th to the 19th at the Florida State Fair Grounds!


The mood was tense, the tension was high. Its the face off of the century; Senning VS Shmuu. See the surprise conclusion to this tale of epic highs and lows.

MC Serch on DGL

The legendary MC Serch of 3rd Bass and The White Rapper Show makes a surprise appearance!
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