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Mississippi State earns commitment from JUCO C Jethro Tshisumpa

Mississippi State-Ben Howland

Say this about Ben Howland, the man knows how to recruit. That was proven once again on Sunday as his Mississippi State program earned a commitment from massive junior college center Jethro Tshisumpa, according to Gene Swindoll:

2018 juco center Jethro Tshisumpa has committed to Mississippi State. — Gene Swindoll (@GeneSwindoll) February 18, 2018

At 6-foot-10, 260 pounds, Tshisumpa has the size and length to come in and play immediately in a much-improved SEC.

An unranked prospect, according to 247 Sports, Howland and the Bulldogs are hoping that Tshisumpa is a diamond in the rough-type of find. Mississippi State is his only known offer at this time. Tshisumpa was in Starkville this past weekend on an official visit, and on hand to watch the Bulldogs take down rival Ole Miss 79-62.

That does not mean that Tshisumpa is without talent, however. Coming out of high school, he originally committed and signed with Arizona State, only to have to take a detour to San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Tex.

With Tshisumpa’s commitment, Mississippi State could have one of the biggest front lines in the SEC in 2018-19. The Bulldogs will return Abdul Ado, Aric Holman, and E.J. Datcher, all standing at least 6’10. Plus, the crown jewel of Howland’s 2018 recruiting class is another big man: 5-star power forward Reggie Perry, who stands 6-foot-9 himself.

If nothing else, Tshisumpa will provide size, strength, and five fouls that Howland can use against some of the bigger teams in the conference. A known shot-blocker, Tshisumpa could prove to be a deterrent for those who get into the lane against the Bulldogs.

All told, Tshisumpa’s commitment brings Mississippi State’s 2018 class up to four players in total, as Tshisumpa joins Perry and two four-star wings: Robert Woodard and DJ Stewart, both Mississippi natives. Prior to Tshisumpa’s commitment, the Bulldogs’ class ranked 17th in the country for 2018 and 5th in the SEC.

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Kentucky basketball: Why won’t John Calipari bench Hamidou Diallo? ‘That’s what you’d want me to do with your son?’

Kentucky-UK basketball-Kentucky basketball-Wildcats-Hamidou Diallo-start-bench-John Calipari-son-sticking with-starting-Alabama

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Hamidou Diallo is not having a good season. Even he can admit that. So why is Kentucky coach John Calipari sticking with the former 5-star recruit as a starting guard for the struggling Wildcats?

“Let’s think about it,” Calipari said Saturday. “It’s your son and he’s struggling. It’s your son now, not somebody else’s son. Your son. Would you want me to just bench him and say, ‘We’ll worry about it next year? That’s what you’d want me to do with your son?

“I would say you’d say, ‘Hey, Coach, he’s responsible for himself, but please keep coaching him and let him know you love him and keep being there for him — but hold him accountable. If he’s not going to listen to you, you should not play him.”

RELATED: Calipari asks Vanderbilt to ‘be Dennis Rodman’

So Calipari keeps starting Diallo, but he also continues to shrink his minutes. Diallo has averaged just 17.9 minutes over the last six games, a span in which he has shot just 30.8 percent from the field, made only 1 of 11 3-point tries and has just 1 assists with 9 turnovers.

“I’m with Hami,” Calipari said. “He’s trying. He’s working. He’s got some habits that are so bad and they are habits that pop out sometimes at the wrong time. My job is to make sure he’s not hurting the team or — ready for this? — himself, and to keep working with him.”

To that end, Calipari might start games with Diallo but lately he has not finished them that way. Diallo did not play the final 5:12 against Alabama on Saturday, during which time Kentucky turned a 2-point lead into a 10-point win in part because it committed zero turnovers and took no bad shots.

Diallo, who flirted with the NBA draft after enrolling at UK last January and practicing with the Cats but not playing, was considered a potential lottery pick heading into this season. He is now widely considered a fringe first-round prospect — and that’s based largely on his world-class athleticism, which includes a 44 ½-inch vertical leap.

Calipari’s struggle this season has been trying to turn Diallo into a polished player, not just gifted physical specimen.

“When I go in my office at 10 o’clock at night or 11, I’d better see him in there every once in a while,” Calipari said. “And you know what? I am. Now, if he’s willing to do that and put in extra time and extra work, I’m for him. I may not play you as much, but I’m going to play you, and if you are doing what we’re asking you to do, I’m going to encourage you. That is someone’s son, just like the others.”

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His brother’s dreamkeeper: Why LSU LB Micah Baskerville won’t fail

micah baskerville-lsu-lsu football

SHREVEPORT, La. — LSU freshman linebacker Micah Baskerville is not the first person in his family to dream big.

Just over a decade ago, his older brother had similar aspirations, albeit in a different sport. Travion Beale envisioned himself going to college on a basketball scholarship before turning pro.

That never happened.

Beale lost focus. Made mistakes. Got sidetracked. But the loss of his dream didn’t make him bitter. It just strengthened his will to make sure his little brother’s dreams would be fulfilled.

“I look at it as a lesson learned. It’s all about what you do after I learned the lesson,” Beale said. “My past experience, I can share with Micah to stay on the right track.”

Putting the work in
lsu-lsu football-micah baskerville
Many of the lessons learned by Micah Baskerville (right) come from his older brother Travion Beale. (Renee Baskerville/courtesy)

Today, you’d never guess Beale ever hesitated to put the work in. His job is as demanding as they come. Beale works in the oil fields outside Shreveport, La. When he’s on duty, it means being at the job site for more than 12 hours a day, seven days straight.

But when it came to his athletic career, he didn’t develop that kind of dedication. Beale said he left the basketball team at Shreveport’s Southwood High before the end of his senior season.

“I wanted to be a professional basketball player. I didn’t chase my dream and follow it hard enough,” Beale said. “[Micah] wants to go farther in football. I encourage him. ‘Don’t give up. Hard work pays off. If this is really what you want to do, chase it. Keep striving to fulfill.’ ”

Baskerville says there is no question that his older brother’s influence has been instrumental.

“He has quit on some things. He taught me not to quit on anything,” Baskerville said. “It gives me an advantage to learn from his wrongs and learn from his rights and teaches me to be a better leader for myself and my little brothers so they can learn from my mistakes.”

Buying into the process

Baskerville has been around hard work and devotion his whole life. His father Michael is a former Marine who now works as a corrections officer. His mother Renee works in a Head Start program, helping young children from low-income families. All of them are devout Christians who attend church every Sunday.

“He’s the picture of humility,” said Byron Dawson, Baskerville’s coach at Evangel Christian Academy and a former starting defensive tackle at LSU.

But Baskerville admits he didn’t fully invest in what it would take to move his career to the next level until the end of his sophomore season.

“It took a lot of growing up and a lot of Coach Dawson’s knowledge. I didn’t really buy into the process at first,” Baskerville said. “Me listening to him gave me knowledge of really being a football player.”

When it came to carrying himself off the field, Baskerville turned to his big brother for advice.

“He’s experienced at a young age,” Baskerville said. “He tells me not to do certain things. It really helps a lot. If I hadn’t had that, I probably would have fallen [off track].”

The lessons Beale passes on to his younger brother are simple, but important. Take a late weeknight spent with friends, for example.

“You can’t lose sight of how 10 minutes can turn into hours,” Beale said. “Then your body can’t rebuild itself, and the next day at work is going to be hard. If I’m not well-rested, not paying attention, I can lose my job and position. He can mess up in class or lose a position on the field.”

The ‘Quiet Storm’
lsu-lsu football-micah baskerville
Micah Baskerville doesn’t say much, but his play speaks volumes. That trait earned him the nickname “Quiet Storm” from his high school coach. (Sam Spiegelman/SEC Country)

Dawson seems like a pretty trustworthy authority on defense. Baskerville’s teammate, defensive end Davin Cotton, already has joined him at LSU. A third Evangel player, defensive back ArDarius Washington, committed to LSU before signing with TCU.

Dawson is obviously fond of each of those players. But to him, Baskerville stands out.

“He was the best defensive player in Louisiana this year, hands down,” Dawson said. “He has a lot of similarities with Devin White.”

Indeed, Baskerville will be groomed as White’s protege this spring and fall. And if he does well enough in practice, he’ll even have a chance to play alongside him as LSU’s other inside linebacker.

As LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda revealed, there’s just one thing Baskerville needs to improve on.

“We’ve got to get him talking a little more,” Aranda said in a recent interview with The Advocate.

Given that Aranda is known as an introvert himself, that’s a telling assessment. But it’s true. Dawson calls Baskerville “Quiet Storm” thanks to his ability to create chaos without making a lot of noise.

“I don’t really talk a lot,” Baskerville said. “The only time I get hype is during the game. When we need the energy, when we need Uncle Mo on our side, I get really hype to boost us.”

Positions of responsibility

In order for Baskerville to one day inherit White’s role in LSU’s defense, communication will be critical. In Aranda’s defense, White is the one making sure everyone is lined up correctly before the snap.

Fortunately, Baskerville is accustomed to that responsibility. Beale’s favorite thing about watching his brother play is actually when he sees him set up the play.

“I watch how he reads the offense,” Beale said. “He lines people up to put them in position. He’s focused. He’s paying attention. He knows what to do. If he sees something that’s not right, he instantly puts them in position.”

Fittingly, Baskerville’s role on the defense is not unlike Beale’s in the oil field. As a supervisor, he’s the one who has to notice whether something is wrong with the wells. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake.

“I constantly have to be alert,” Beale said. “I quarterback the show. I have to make sure to tell my guys what to do so we can keep doing job smoothly.”

Maybe it’s an inherited trait. Or perhaps it was learned. Regardless, one thing seems clear: LSU’s newest inside linebacker has a blueprint to turn his own dreams into reality.

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Report: Johnny Manziel felt like ‘end of the world was near’ due to bipolar disorder and depression

Johnny Manziel-Texas-A&amp;M-bipolar-depression-end-of-the-world

For much of the past few years, former Texas A&amp;M quarterback Johnny Manziel has gone through fits and starts of trying to get his life back together, only for something to go wrong and have to start all over again.

Finally, however, it appears that Manziel is taking real, concrete steps to address the issues in his life, and is finally pursuing the help he clearly needs.

A big first step in that process was his revelation to Good Morning America — and, by extension, the American public — that he has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and is receiving treatment for that issue.

And although Manziel’s behavior and legal issues hinted at a real struggled day-to-day struggle, it wasn’t quite clear just how much he was going through from a mental standpoint. However, in an interview with TMZ, Manziel went in-depth on his mental health struggles, even saying at one point that he ‘felt like the end of the world was near and that I would never make it out.’

For all of the ridicule Manziel has brought on himself over the years with his off-field behavior, it is clear that a large portion of that was due to legitimate struggles. It surely cannot be easy to experience that level of fame at such an early age, and while Manziel certainly could have handled himself better, it makes some of his actions more understandable.

A former first-round pick by the Cleveland Browns, Manziel has been out of the NFL since being released by the Browns at the conclusion of the 2015 season. After failing to catch on with any other team, Manziel returned to Texas A&amp;M to take classes on campus.

Recently, however, Manziel has been attempting to make a comeback to the gridiron, having recently been approved to play in the Canadian Football League. For now, though, he remains unsigned.

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NFL mock draft 2018: First-round picks, NFL draft order, top players for the 2018 NFL Draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft-NFL draft-2018 NFL Draft-Sam Darnold-Josh Rosen-NFL mock draft

The 2018 NFL Draft is once again expected to be loaded with talented players.Below find a 2018 NFL mock draft, and an up to date NFL draft order.   Baker Mayfield should be a high pick in the draft as will USC quarterback Sam Darnold. The first round of the 2018 NFL Draft is set for April 26.

This draft figures to be quarterback heavy, with potentially four signal callers,  Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen going among the top-10 picks. Of the non-quarterbacks, Penn State’s Saquon Barkley and Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick could be selected in the top 5.

NFL mock draft 2018: First-round projections, top players
  1. Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, USC QB: The Browns have to use the pick on a quarterback, and we think they’ll choose Darnold.
  2. New York Giants: Josh Rosen, UCLA QB:  Rosen vs. Darnold will be an interesting debate. The UCLA quarterback might be wired to better succeed in New York than Darnold.
  3. Indianapolis Colts: Bradley Chubb DE: While Minkah Fitzpatrick is the better prospect, defensive end is the bigger need for the Colts. Offensive line, such as Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson, could also be a target.
  4. Cleveland Browns (via Houston): Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama DB:  The Browns went quarterback with their first pick. Next up, they grab the best defensive prospect in the class. Fitzpatrick is a queen-on-the-chessboard-type of defensive back.
  5. Denver Broncos: Josh Allen, Wyoming QB: Offensive line could be the pick here. Drafting Allen is a risk, but the Denver quarterback situation might be the worst in the league. Allen did well in the Senior Bowl game, showing why he’s such a tantalizing prospect.
  6. New York Jets: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma QB: The Jets will continue toiling in mediocrity as long as they lack quality quarterback play. If anyone can handle the spotlight and attention that comes with playing for the Jets, it’s the Heisman Trophy winner.
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Saquon Barkley: With Doug Martin having an up and down career, why not give Jameis Winston one more weapon and see if he really is your franchise quarterback. Defensive end is another area of need.
  8. Chicago Bears: Christian Kirk, Texas A&amp;M WR:  The Bears almost have to pick a wide receiver. While many will peg Alabama’s Calvin Ridley, I think Kirk is a little bit better. But the Bears couldn’t go wrong with either.
  9. San Francisco 49ers: Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame OG:  With Jimmy Garoppolo looking like the quarterback of the future, San Francisco can draft the best player available. As weird as it is to say that is a guard, Nelson is just special.
  10. Oakland Raiders: Roquan Smith, Georgia LB: A defense with Khalil Mack on it shouldn’t be as bad as Oakland’s was this season. Smith is maybe the best off-ball linebacker prospect since Luke Kuechly.
  11. Miami Dolphins: Arden Key, LSU DE/OLB : Nelson could be an option, but instead they’ll take Key. While he might have off-field concerns, the LSU product has the potential to be an elite pass rusher. Marcus Davenport of UTSA could also get a look here after a strong Senior Bowl.
  12. Cincinnati Bengals: Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame T : The Bengals have skill players and a number of young and talented defenders. Where they most need help is on the offensive line. McGlinchey, or his teammate, Nelson, could be an option.
  13. Washington Redskins: Derwin James, FSU DB: Washington has it’s quarterback of the future with Alex Smith.  So look for them to take a player such as James, who is 95 percent the player that Fitzpatrick is.
  14. Green Bay Packers: Josh Jackson, Iowa CB: Secondary is still a huge area of need for the Packers. It’ll either be Jackson or Denzel Ward as the first cornerback taken in the draft.
  15. Arizona Cardinals: Connor Williams, Texas T: Quarterback is Arizona’s biggest need. They could reach for Mason Rudolph, or drastically improve their offensive line with the selection of Williams.
  16. Baltimore Ravens: Calvin Ridley, Alabama WR:  The Ravens might have the worst group of pass catchers in the NFL. This makes too much sense.
  17. Los Angeles Chargers:  Da’Ron Payne, Alabama DT : The Chargers had the second-worst rush defense in the league. Payne will help them improve, especially after how he took over the College Football Playoff.
  18. Seattle Seahawks: Derrius Guice, LSU RB: The Seahawks have had a revolving door of running backs since Marshawn Lynch departed. Guice would make it two years in a row that an LSU running back goes in the first round. Seattle could also look at the secondary, given that the Legion of Boom is getting old.
  19. Dallas Cowboys: Maurice Hurst, Michigan DT: Hurst might not be drafted this high simply because of his position. But the Cowboys need defensive tackles who can play, and Hurst is one of the best football players in this draft class.
  20. Detroit Lions: Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech LB: Running back could be an option here, but Edmunds fits a similar role to what Anthony Barr does for Minnesota. He could be a big riser come the NFL combine.
  21. Buffalo Bills: James Washington, Oklahoma State WR: While they need to figure out their quarterback situation, the Bills need to improve at the wide receiver position.
  22. Buffalo Bills (via Kansas City), Vita Vea, Washington DT: The Bills traded Marcell Dareus earlier this season. And they’ll look to Vea to fill his void.
  23. Carolina Panthers: Marcus Davenport, DE UTSA: With Charles Johnson and Julius Peppers getting up their in age, Davenport is the perfect project to step in and eventually take over.
  24. Los Angeles Rams: Orlando Brown, Oklahoma T: Andrew Whitworth was huge for the Rams this season. But he’s also 36 years old. Brown is raw, but he could become the Rams’ left tackle of the future. Georgia’s Isaiah Wynn could also help on the interior.
  25. Tennessee Titans: Denzel Ward, Ohio State CB: The Titans selected a cornerback in the first round last year and will look to continue to improve their secondary. The Titans also could target a pass rusher, but with Mike Varbel now in charge, the Ohio State connection makes this too easy.
  26. Atlanta Falcons: Isaiah Wynn, Georgia OG:  Wynn had a great senior season with Georgia and then followed it up with a dominant Senior Bowl. Given the Falcons’ struggles on the interior of the offensive line, he’s a player who makes a lot of sense here.
  27. New Orleans Saints: Harold Landry, DE/OLB: Cam Jordan had a fantastic season for the Saints, but the defense still has some holes in the front 7. Adding Landry gives them another dynamic pass rusher.
  28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Rashaan Evans, Alabama LB:  With the Ryan Shazier injury casting doubt on his NFL future, linebacker becomes a position of need. Evans isn’t the prospect that Shazier was, but he, like many other Alabama linebackers, can be very good.
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State QB: Blake Bortles isn’t the answer for Jacksonville. The Jaguars could look at Rudolph or Louisville product Lamar Jackson. Rudolph will need to have a strong NFL combine to solidify this ranking after he missed the Senior Bowl.
  30. Minnesota Vikings: Billy Price, Ohio State G/C: Quarterback could be in play here, but Price, like Pat Elflein did this season for Minnesota, could be a Day 1 starter on the interior.
  31. New England Patriots: Sam Hubbard, Ohio State DE/OLB: Bill Belichick loves players who have ties to Greg Schiano. Pass rusher is a huge need for New England. And Hubbard’s defensive coordinator is in fact Schiano.
  32. Philadelphia Eagles: Braden Smith, Auburn OG:  For a team on the verge of winning the Super Bowl, there aren’t a lot of holes here. Offensive line is one given that a number of key players are starting to get up there in age.
2018 NFL Draft: First-round order

Pick Nos. 1 through 20 are set now that the regular season is finished.

1. Cleveland Browns

2. New York Giants

3. Indianapolis Colts

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Denver Broncos

6. New York Jets

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Chicago Bears

9. San Francisco 49ers OR Oakland Raiders (coin flip)

11. Miami Dolphins

12. Cincinnati Bengals

13. Washington Redskins

14. Green Bay Packers

15. Arizona Cardinals

16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Los Angeles Chargers

18. Seattle Seahawks

19. Dallas Cowboys

20. Detroit Lions

21. Buffalo Bills

22. Buffalo Bills(Via Kansas City)

23. Carolina Panthers

24. Los Angeles Rams

25. Tennessee Titans

26. Atlanta Falcons

27. New Orleans Saints

28. Pittsburgh Steelers

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

30. Minnesota Vikings

31. New England Patriots

32. Philadelphia Eagles

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Arkansas baseball vs. Bucknell Game 3: Preview, TV, how to watch (February 18, 2018)

arkansas-SEC baseball-arkansas baseball

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — In two games so far in Arkansas’ season-opening series against Bucknell, the combined score has been Razorbacks 46, Bison 6.

Sunday, mercifully, brings the series to a close. The third-ranked Diamond Hogs have looked the part of their ranking all weekend against the predicted Patriot League champion. While it’s unlikely Arkansas drops 32 runs again, like it did Saturday, the finale does hold some intrigue.

Junior right-hander Keaton McKinney will get the start for the Razorbacks. He didn’t pitch last year after arm surgery. The year before that, a nagging hip injury sent him to a 6.66 earned-run average as a weekend starter. But it’s his first season, the year Arkansas went to the College World Series, that brings the interest. McKinney may not be back to that level, when he led the team in ERA, but he was clearly good enough this spring to earn the third starter job from coach Dave Van Horn.

First pitch is at a noon CT at Baum Stadium.

Arkansas baseball vs. Bucknell series information

Game 1: Arkansas 14, Bucknell 2

Game 2: Arkansas 32, Bucknell 4

Game 3: Sunday at noon CT

How can I watch?

All three games are available on SEC Network+. Fans can watch via WatchESPN or the WatchESPN app.

Who is calling the Arkansas game?

Radio play-by-play is handled by Phil Elson, who will be joined by new color commentator this year, Bubba Carpenter, a three-time All-Southwest Conference player for the Diamond Hogs in the late 1980s and early 1990s. TV duties belong to Brett Dolan, who is in his first season of the job, too.

Next up

Arkansas heads to San Diego for games against four opponents, including three as part of the Tony Gwynn Classic. First up is Arizona on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Game 2 recap

Bucknell is no match for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

If that wasn’t learned during the season opener on Friday, a 14-2 Arkansas win, it sure was Saturday in Game 2. The Diamond Hogs absolutely hammered the Bison, a modern phenomenon of 32 runs against Bucknell’s 4. It was the most runs Arkansas has plated since 32 against Saint Louis in 2010. Only the second time Arkansas has reached the 30-run mark in the last 20 years.

The scoring was in bunches and on the regular: 3, 6, 7, 6, zero, 5, 4, 1 in the eight innings. Only one of the 16 position players who went to the plate didn’t reach base.

The game was a showcase for the third-ranked team in the nation. So much so, in fact, the game became a bit of a slog as it went later. Fans started to leave early to head up Razorback Road where the basketball team was set to play Texas A&amp;M at Bud Walton Arena at 3 p.m.

Coach Dave Van Horn, still toying with his lineups and batting order, swapped out Jared Gates at third base for Casey Martin. Jordan McFarland played first for Evan Lee (who pitched out of the bullpen). McFarland responded with a 2 for 5 day with a walk and 5 runs. Martin, a freshman, went 4 for 6 with a homer, 3 runs and 5 RBI.

Those sorts of lines were common across the lineup. Bucknell used six different pitchers in an effort to slow Arkansas. Only Christian Tailor, who pitched in the eighth, managed to slow the attack by giving up just 1 earned run. Every other Bison pitcher gave up at least 4 runs. None of them went longer than 2 innings.

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LSU baseball: How to watch, stream, listen to, buy tickets for game vs. Notre Dame (Feb. 18, 2018)

lsu-lsu baseball-lsu tigers-todd peterson-notre dame-notre dame baseball-sunday game

LSU baseball hosts the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Sunday at Alex Box Stadium. Follow the article below for information on how to watch, listen to and stream the game.

The Tigers host Notre Dame on Sunday for a tiebreaking rubber match after the two teams split games on Friday and Saturday. LSU won in comeback fashion on Friday, fighting back from a six-run deficit to win 7-6 but lost to the Irish 10-5 on Saturday after starting pitcher Zack Hess allowed 8 runs in 2.1 innings pitched.

Sophomore right-hander Todd Peterson will start for LSU on Sunday, making the first weekend start of his college career. Peterson worked as a midweek starter for LSU late in the 2017 regular season but was mostly a nonfactor for the Tigers in the postseason, as he battled arm fatigue and had trouble staying in shape.

LSU baseball vs. Notre Dame baseball game information

What: No. 16 LSU (1-1) vs. Notre Dame (1-1)

When: 11:00 a.m. CT

Where: Alex Box Stadium, Baton Rouge, La.

What TV channel will LSU baseball vs. Notre Dame baseball be on?

This game will not be televised.

How can I listen to LSU baseball vs. Notre Dame baseball on the radio?

LSU vs. Notre Dame will be broadcast on 98.1 FM Baton Rouge. Online users can find a stream of the broadcast through the LSU Sports Radio Network at  LSUsports.net/live.

How can I stream LSU baseball vs. Notre Dame online?

The game will be streamed online through the SEC Network+ on  WatchESPN. Mobile users can find the game on their wireless enabled devices using the Watch ESPN App.

How else can I follow LSU baseball?

For updates on the Tigers, be sure to follow  @LSUbaseball on Twitter, and also follow SEC Country’s LSU beat writers  Nick Suss and  Alex Hickey for color and commentary. For live stats of the game, visit  LSUstats.com.

Can I buy tickets for LSU baseball vs. Notre Dame? 

For ticket information, visit  LSUtix.net.

Starting pitchers

LSU: RHP Todd Peterson (2017 stats: 3-1, 4.19 ERA, 34.1 IP, 16 BB, 21 K)

Notre Dame: RHP Cameron Junker (2017 stats: 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 0.2 IP, 0 BB 2 K)

Projected starting lineup: LSU baseball Pos. Player AVG RBI R HR SB C Bryce Jordan .250 4 1 1 0 1B Nick Webre .250 4 1 1 1 2B Brandt Broussard .167 3 0 0 0 3B Jake Slaughter .000 0 0 0 0 SS Josh Smith .286 3 1 1 0 LF Daniel Cabrera .000 0 1 0 0 CF Zach Watson .333 0 2 0 0 RF Antoine Duplantis .429 0 2 0 0 DH Beau Jordan ..333 1 2 1 0

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Tennessee’s Rick Barnes irritated with his team, ‘curious’ about foul disparity


Coach Rick Barnes was clearly agitated Saturday night, disappointed by Tennessee’s shot selection at key stages and his marquee players’ inability to rise to the occasion.

Georgia beat Tennessee 73-62 Saturday afternoon in Stegeman Coliseum. The No. 18-ranked Vols were unable to rise to the occasion against the fired-up underdogs of Athens.

RELATED: 3 things from Tennessee’s fifth straight loss to Georgia Saturday

“This time of year you’ve got to get good play from your key guys,” Barnes said, lamenting Grant Williams’ season-low five points on 1-of-8 shooting.

Williams has been getting treatment for back and hip injuries, but Barnes indicated his star player’s performance was not related to any physical ailments.

Barnes was also irritated by Tennessee’s reluctance to work for a better shot after closing to 51-49 with 7:27 left on a Kyle Alexander tip-in.

The Vols missed their next four shots — three of them potential go-ahead 3-point attempts — before James Daniel turned the ball over by stepping on the baseline with 5:46 left.

The Bulldogs responded with an 8-2 run, essentially putting the game away.

“We had it down to two (points) and took three straight threes, and you could argue they were open but that’s not what you need,” Barnes said. “They just outplayed us from there on. We didn’t do anything well the last five minutes.”

Barnes was not happy with the free-throw disparity, either, as Georgia was 27-of-38 from the free-throw line and Tennessee was just 10-of-15.

The Vols were whistled for 27 fouls, while Georgia had 15 fouls.

“I’m curious to see the tape,” Barnes said, “because we were trying to drive the ball, too.”

Tennessee has lost two of three games for only the second time this season.

The Vols will be trying to avoid the types of finishes it has had Barnes’ first two campaigns. Tennessee was 3-7 in the last 10 games of the past two seasons.

“If the guys we are counting on don’t step up and play,” Barnes said, “we’ll be in these kinds of games.”

Next Up

Tennessee returns to action at 9 p.m. on Wednesday against Florida at Thompson-Boling Arena and then travel to play at Ole Miss at 1 p.m. next Saturday.

Did you know

The Vols have lost five straight in Athens, having not won there since 2011 when Tony Jones was filling in for a suspended Bruce Pearl as head coach.


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