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No More Hoppe Hype

Unable to hold his tongue any longer Drew airs his grievances concerning Ryan Hoppe's side-winding career path in the building. Balls calls in support at the expense of Kristal Stems and Drew doesn't take...

Watch when HBO brings the "Hard Knocks" film crew to Drew Garabo Live!

Watch when HBO brings the "Hard Knocks" film crew to Drew Garabo Live!

Martin Gramatica

Former NFL Kicker Martin Gramatica joins DGL to talk about his upcoming bout with Spanish from the Mike Calta Show. This will be Spanish's toughest challenger by far, get the inside scoop on his training...


Did you stand out in the parking lot at work and stare at the sun? DGL did. Find out who burned their retinas on this special eclipse 2017 episode.

Darryl DMC Mcdaniels Interview

The legendary DMC of Run DMC joins DGL for a surprise interview. Rapper, mentor and now comic book hero; DMC tells the crew about his adventures in the industry, new endeavors and unwavering positive outlook...

The Return of John Senning

C-diff free, John finally is cleared to return to work but before getting into the details, the guys discover Seth may not be pulling his weight on diaper patrol.

Kristal Stems on DGL

The lovely, Amazonian-esque Kristal Stems joins the show to talk about her upcoming bout against Ryan Hoppe at Mike Calta's Punchout 3. Get the full scoop on her training and more in this exclusive interview!

Toys For Teachers

It's back to school time and that can be stressful on the brave and beautiful women who mold the minds of our youth. What better way to relieve that stress than a lovely basket of sex toys. Drew has teachers...

The Cold Shoulder?

Drew finds himself particularly perturbed about a fan interaction at the Penthouse Club that caused him to question his etiquette.

Billy Mays III

Son of THE legendary Billy Mays. Young Mays III goes by the handle Infinite Third as a musician and producer. BM3 joins the show to demonstrate an endeavor called The Mouth Council where he builds constructive...

Jerry Springer on DGL

Jerry Springer stops by the studio BUT not before getting swarmed by nearly every Cox employee in the building for photo ops.

Birthday lovin' and Ideas for the Punchout

It's Mika, John AND Phoebe's birthday today. Seth plans to give her a special sexy surprise and the crew give suggestions. Meanwhile, Mike Calta's Punchout is around the corner and DGL have been asked...

Robbing The Cradle

The crew discuss the secrecy of Cocaine users. A 39 year old police officer slept with a 17 year old girl multiple times and often turned to her for advice. Drew and Seth role play the wealth of knowledge...

Your Kid Is Too Fat?

A School sent a letter to a family concerning the weight of their child. OK or Not Ok?

Scaramooch Gets The Boot

It's been a record breaking year for politics, why not break one more? After 10 days, recently appointed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has gone the way of many of Trump's Apprentices...

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