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In a side by side comparison, one substance is far more damaging, dangerous and potentially fatal than the other.


Sometimes known as "Take me don't wake me" among consenting adults. Susanne Somers joked about her husband helping himself in the bedroom. Drew asks; OK or NOT Ok?


What classic songs would be the equivalent of a heroin buzz?


The Commish joins us in the studio for some post game coverage of the Bucs win over The Jets this past Sunday.


Every office has that person who goes into the fridge and steals their coworkers lunches and snacks but in radio you don't mess with peoples food. Watch Miguel from Hot 101.5 teem with fury as he's been...


DGL asks female listeners with sexy voices to call in and show us their stuff. Are they eargasmic?


Cam's back! The guys talk Bucs life, grubbing and chilling then Mika introduces everyone to Chef Cliff Barsi from Metropolitan Ministries and Dough Nation creators of the amazing raw cookie dough dessert...


Secret phone calls, late night texts and cryptic tweets. The love affair continues between Mika and The Mackelmoorian Naked Magician.


One of the most potentially volatile and risky topics of conversation for a man; your significant other has put on weight and you dont like it. How can you articulate the message without starting the next...


Drew continues his annual tradition of asking coworkers' adorable children situational questions about trick or treating. It's kids say the darndest things meets to catch a predator!


The Juggalo world is home to some fascinating characters and Blaze is no exception. Check out this rare and fun interview for some insight into one of America's most prominent counter cultures.


He's been compared to a hairy fellow but what happened when he saw a lady with a hairy fellow down below?


A chill is sweeping across the Sunshine State and it has brought an epidemic of furry boots, beanies and hooded sweat shirts. Drew asks listeners to call in their highly unqualified Weather reports.


In case you missed it last Friday 10/20, DGL's favorite NFL player and intern joins us in the studio again to Grub n' chill, talk Bucs and get some good karma for their upcoming games.


Scientists have discovered something fascinating about your brain when you die. Drew asks listeners to call in if they've ever temporarily died or had out of body experiences.

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