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The Mike Calta Show celebrates Friday the 13th in full on 90's style hack radio nut hut morning zoo format... and it is glorious! Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!


Carlos Mencia in Studio w/ comedian Cisco promoting a show when Hip Hop Recording Artist Jermaine Dupree calls in about his Lifetime show: The Rap Game. Sadly, he does not remember Mike from Chat Roulette...


Comedian Matt Fernandez gently strokes the comedy jewels out of Santa's bulging sack at the Mike Calta NSLG and the hilarity continues with a Pubic Hair Pie in the Face Challenge!


Mike Calta, Galvin, Carmin and Spanish traveled past the candy cane island and through the gum drop forest to welcome you to a holiday party of elftastic proportions! You are welcome.


Comedian Cam Burtrand kicks off the NSLG with holiday hilarity followed by Local Legend Ronnie Dee and a special saxophone tribute to the yule log!


Original gangster rap founding member Ice Cube talks with Mike about the early days in Compton, movie / reality comparisons, what it meant then and now to be legit. New movie: Fist Fight with Charlie Day...


Former NYPD officer arrested for running drug ring out of Long Island cooperated w/ Feds in the arrests of former partner Michael Dowd & drug associates. The Seven Five is a gritty documentary about police...

The Robb Show

What was Executive Producer Rob upset about today? Did he return to the studio? Feast your eyes on this. Personally, I kinda liked the Sunday Night Rob and Miller show.

Bert Kreischer Craig Gass

Bert Kreischer and Craig Gass in Studio.

Craig Gass Ian Beckles

Craig Gass explaining Kiss Cruise disembarking procedures and how he gets to party back stage with Pearl Jam when Ian Beckles Shows up to clear up the confusion on bullying, football locker behavior and...


Here is a full recap of Mike Calta's Punch Out #2!


Pauly Shore crashes the studio interrupting Galvin's News to pontificate about the election and President Elect Donald Trump. You want to know what the Weez thinks, don't you?


Nervous Jerod eerily risen from a dead sleep to meet Spanish in the ring for MIke Calta's Punch Out! Will he be defeated in a desperate battle for full-time on air status or will Spanish drive a wooden...


One of them blasted Duke Boys appeared on the #MCS to discuss a continued TV career, bluffing the 'Hazzard' audition & offers the answers to his most common interview questions: 329 / 7 / NO. But wait...


Carlos watches intently while Miller sexually assaults Rob w/ his decidedly NON-musky GF in the room. Rob is filled with regret and self-loathing. Mencia watches a porn tape of his parents. Let's all take...

Carlos Mencia Show Drama Drunk Girls

The drinking begins: Rob & Carmin attack Mike for banning them from cruise dinners, Mencia attacks everyone in the room for joke stealing & show drama ensues. The girls are drunk & SOMEONE makes regretful...


Mike receives a creepy letter in the mail, Breaking news for the Mike Calta Show Not So Live Gig, Galvin serves news with a side of Arby's deer meat, Roasted Trump Crispies and Celebrity Creepers.


Galvin's open letter to people who make stupid statements, Rich Voss calls the show to explain why he hates the Mike Calta Show and Henry Winkler offers peace & tranquility to Michael over the Happy Days...


Mike walks in late, blaming traffic & when Carmin gets on the scale: all hell breaks loose. In Galvin's News: Trump in Tampa, Lead singer of Dead or Alive is not Alive and a talented blonde swallows a...


Carmin has a bad attitude about the weigh-in, blaming an unfortunate back-up which may have been caused by the cheese sticks at Paddy's, Galvin offers news and people get absolutely pummeled during Football...


The MCS has the best busboys in the business! Just leave it there guys, let us get it for you, no sweat. We'll just take it out on Carmin. Hope you're happy you made her CRY today! Every crumb is a woman's...


Mike accepts Madonna's open BJ offer in exchange for vote rigging. Will Nervous Jerod take another beating at the Punchout? Teresa the anti-abortion incest rape advocate calls from crazy town and Carmin...


Remember Ebola? Galvin calls out the CDC on the disease du jour. Spanish talks too way too much, Mike discusses the Death of 90's Shock Jock Radio and the innovative history of The MIke Calta Show on Bone...


YouTube lunatics The Joog Squad take over the studio and offer their special brand of madness complete with a Medicine Man Tazing, Rat Trap Trampoline and the now infamous Month Old Taco Sock. Sweet Jesus...


Films like Friday, Elf, Made, & Couples Retreat made Faizon Love a film star. Here he reveals his new project: co-starring w/ Mike in the new series, One More Job: A Netflix series about two bumbling ex-mob...


Spanish REPLACED and Carmin FIRED on the same day? Spanish's constant vacationing could result in a permanent one and Carmin's attitude has led to a tenuous employment situation. This might the end but...


Shaquille o'Neal once stepped to Snoop, Dre and DOC on Mencia's behalf to prevent some LA gangsta shit from goin' down at the Comedy Store! Ain't no problem to get the gat, where the true playas at?


Mike's Friday night birthday party at the Hard Rock was epic. Galvin is overly modest about ripping Spanish from the bonus of a 6th Sporcle win. Mike demonstrates his counter-terrorist tactics and Football...


If you missed the Mike Calta Birthday Bash, we feel sorry for you!


Mike's wife, Mike's super-agent and Mike's best friend square off to finally settle the question on everyone's mind: Who Loves Him Best?


Down the rabbit hole with 'Skeptic Tank' host, producer and Comedy Central 'This Is Not Happening' star, Ari Shaffir as he becomes the #MCS Tripmaster guiding us down a rabbit hole of non-dangerous & perfectly...


The brothers have been partnering with other organizations to increase awareness and support of veterans in the Bay Area; especially those veterans who return from combat duty and face insurmountable health...


Today we learn that Mr. Piffles is a smug and arrogant little one ball havin' bastard, about the dark and terrifying origins of Piff as well as the existence of "mildly renovated" cave accommodations in...


Not much seems to be missing from the life of a deliciously hot, world travelling comedian like April Macie, except perhaps for the 'Banana Bread Choke Out' Wait... Is that a thing?


Talking about racism, black history and continual African-American contributions in pop culture, Godfrey - comedian, actor from BET, VH1, Comedy Central & feature films; Original Gangstas, Zoolander, and...


Comedian Steve Byrne has a long history with the show: here he appears on the #MCS and discusses the truncated glories of Sullivan & Sons and the many failures of Gary Cannon.

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